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Honeywell: Industrial Controllers and Chamber IQ

Honeywell: Circular Chart Recorders

Honeywell: HercuLine Electric Actuators

Honeywell: Paperless Recorders and Software

Honeywell: Analytical Instruments and Sensors

Honeywell: Harden Your PCN and Minimize Potential Cyber Attacks

Learn how System and Network Hardening can reduce the risk of cyber attacks on industrial control systems (ICS). Hardening is a method of securing industrial control systems and network devices by applying secure configurations to existing components.

ABB: VFD 101

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are a commonly used piece of equipment across the HVAC industry. This webinar is going to introduce what VFDs are and how they operate along with how they control electric motors. With a basic understanding of how VFDs control electric motors this presentation will also describe the positive effects a variable frequency drive can have on system.

Vaisala: How to maintain world-class measurement performance

This webinar shares the key success factors for maintaining world-class measurement performance for your instruments. During the webinar you will learn about:

  • What contributes to instrument lifecycle cost and how to minimize it
  • When and how to calibrate your instruments
  • The factors that determine the type and frequency of calibration you need
  • ABB: Harmonics 101

    This presentation explores power line harmonics caused by variable frequency drives operating in building electrical networks. At the end of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of the causes of harmonic distortion, what is IEEE-519, and the different types of harmonic mitigating strategies and how to effectively use them to meet IEEE-519.

    ABB: Basic VFD Troubleshooting

    VFDs are more advanced then ever before, but they have never been easier to troubleshoot. But what happens when the control panel doesn't give you a clear indication of what is going on with the VFD? This presentation will cover basic problems and nuisance trips that may be encountered with VFDs. Safety comments and wiring tips will be covered as well.

    ABB: Startup Assistant, E-Clipse Startup & Primary Settings

    In this Short Stuff Session, we will be showing some of the features which speed up setting up your drive, monitoring the drive, and tweaking settings. Get your drive up and running in only a few short minutes by taking advantage of the Startup Assistant and learn how Primary Settings can be used to change multiple parameters at once by only changing a single setting! Short Stuff Sessions are meant to be 30 minutes or less in length.

    ABB: Understanding VFD De-rating​

    The term de-rating a drive implies that a VFDis intentionally oversized to be used in an application that requires less power. If a drive isn't properly oversized and de-rated when appropriate it can result in your your drive overheating or even pre-mature failure! In this webinar, you will learn the different reasons why you would de-rate a drive as well as guidelines on how much the drive should be oversized by to ensure your VFD will work in your application for years to come.

    ABB: VFD Submittals for Engineers & Contractors​​

    The presentation will take a look at a sample project, starting at the one-lines. We will discuss how to read a one line, with respect to identifying VFD information. We will discuss how VFD specifications and schedules come into play, and recommendations for how Engineers provide that information to those who are bidding a project. This will also include a brief strategy discussion for how to handle harmonic mitigation requirements. Then we will transition to reviewing a VFD submittal, and identifying those key items within the submittal that an Engineer needs to look out for, and what a Contractor needs to confirm proper coordination of their scope. We will also spend some time on VFD electrical schematics, showing how to read a schematic to identify hardware such as bypass contactors, and confirm basic control logic. The webinar will use an typical HVAC project as an example. However, the concepts and information are also applicable to the Water & Waste Water industry and certain Industrial applications that you a plan & spec approach to the design and procurement of VFDs.

    ABB: ACH580 Feature: Advanced Damper Control​​

    Easily program your drive to control your inlet and/or outlet dampers and use the onboard I/O to save you money when controlling remotely. ACH580 Feature sessions are meant to take 30 minutes or less.