Live Webinars

Webinar Series on Cybersecurity for Operational Technologies and Control Systems
June 8th-12th, 2020 (Times vary - Duration of each is 1 hour)

Join OT cybersecurity thought leaders and experts from Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity team for daily webinars to learn about some of the most current topics on OT cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has never more important in times of remote operations. Continue to increase your cybersecurity knowledge by learning from the experts in Industrial Cybersecurity.


  • Current Threat Landscape and Latest Attacks
    Eric Knapp, Senior Fellow - Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Pentesting Techniques: Attacking Management Applications to Cross Trust Boundaries
    Connor Leach - Penetration Tester for Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Enable Business Continuity with Industrial Grade Secure Remote Access
    Donovan Tindill, Senior Cybersecurity SME & Marketing Manager
  • Supporting Your Cybersecurity Risk Management with Automated Tools
    Anu Dickinson, Offering Manager - Industrial Cybersecurity
    Arun Veeramani, Sr. Offering Manager - Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Each of the topics will be broadcast live three times a day. Tune in at a time that is convenient for you and ask questions directly to the experts at the end of each session.

    ABB: VFD Schedule Generator
    Wednesday June 10 at 12:00 PM CDT

    The VFD Schedule Generator is a simple tool to help generate VFD Schedules for Mechanical Drawings. VFD Schedules are a great addition to the VFD Specification by allowing engineers to customize requirements for each drive more easily. Make sure each of your drives have everything required to work exactly as they need to.

    On Demand Webinars

    Honeywell: Industrial Controllers and Chamber IQ

    Honeywell: Circular Chart Recorders

    Honeywell: HercuLine Electric Actuators

    Honeywell: Paperless Recorders and Software

    Honeywell: Analytical Instruments and Sensors

    Honeywell: Harden Your PCN and Minimize Potential Cyber Attacks

    Learn how System and Network Hardening can reduce the risk of cyber attacks on industrial control systems (ICS). Hardening is a method of securing industrial control systems and network devices by applying secure configurations to existing components.

    ABB: VFD 101

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are a commonly used piece of equipment across the HVAC industry. This webinar is going to introduce what VFDs are and how they operate along with how they control electric motors. With a basic understanding of how VFDs control electric motors this presentation will also describe the positive effects a variable frequency drive can have on system.

    Vaisala: How to maintain world-class measurement performance

    This webinar shares the key success factors for maintaining world-class measurement performance for your instruments. During the webinar you will learn about:

  • What contributes to instrument lifecycle cost and how to minimize it
  • When and how to calibrate your instruments
  • The factors that determine the type and frequency of calibration you need